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Living the Dream: The Life of the 'Bollywood' Actor is a photography book that explores the lives of those who dream for real against the odds of the world's largest film industry, otherwise known as Bollywood.  From student to mega-star and everyone in between, the book contains 112 photographs and interviews of people from every branch of the Bollywood acting tree. 


Everyday in India thousands of want-to-be actors move to Mumbai, all with one thing in common… a Dream. The Bollywood dream pours down like the monsoon, drenching every starry-eyed actor with the hopes of fame and fortune. Even Indians living outside of India have at least once dreamt of becoming a famous Bollywood actor, winning awards and living the tabloid life of luxury. It is a dream that has sparked the imagination of millions.


This dream is no different than what you or I dream about- having a better life, a larger and more vivid life. In this respect we are all connected by our dreams and balancing fantasy vs. reality, shuttling back and forth between what we desire and what we have. In other words, we are all bonded by our dreams. Yet actors, as a community, are more driven than the rest of us to pursue their dreams, not settling for less… for better or worse. They have an uncontrollable urge to live their dream, for real.

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